Wild Life / what animals have you seen?

Hi, friends — it’s midsummer and I’ve been wanting to try a diary-style thread for animal encounters, a place to add any creatures you’ve seen. I’ll keep adding mine here, and it can be a bit of running inspiration. Add your questions, too. Maybe we can figure some things out. — Amy Jean

Here are a few to get started:

June 17, Connecticut: Little chippy running. There haven’t been that many this year and it’s strangely quiet in the rock walls.

June 20, Massachusetts: Went to the Connecticut River with friends and we were surrounded by dead shad (I don’t know much about shad, but apparently they die after spawning and then float downstream and sparkle in the sun).

June 21, Connecticut: While driving I noticed a pretty rock on the road and realized it was a box turtle. I pulled over and picked it up, a real cute one, with a super smooth shell. I placed it under the trees (in the direction it was heading).

Add your small (or big -- who has seen a bear this summer??) animal encounters by commenting at the link below. Happy summer!